Welcome to iLease – a revolutionary car leasing employee benefit

iLease is a fantastic staff benefit that is free to implement and run for employers. Join other leading UK brands with the iLease employee car benefit product.

  • No admin
  • No payroll costs

A fresh approach to employee car schemes

Salary sacrifice car schemes have become complicated and less attractive. iLease gives your employees access to the car they want, with great discounts and flexible terms.

iLease offers your employees up to 45% off top car manufacturers on a personal car leasing contract. With cars available with no deposit and the ability to adjust mileage and contract term, this is an employee benefit that will set you apart from the rest.

How is iLease different?

The first viable alternative to salary sacrifice car schemes – iLease is a really straight forward approach to offering employees a great deal on a new or pre-owned car! It’s simple to understand, there is zero administration, zero cost and zero risk for you the employer.

Salary sacrifice schemes have always been complicated for employees to understand. They like the idea of saving tax and national insurance on the value of their car but in reality the vehicles often seem comparably expensive, and now they are even more limited. Our clients implement iLease as a voluntary benefit, because they understand that it’s possible to make similar savings on the purchase of a new car as it is through a salary sacrifice scheme, without any of the complexities, costs, risks or required administration.

How can iLease be used?

It is easy to join iLease and it can be used :

  • As a replacement to salary sacrifice
  • An alternative to company cars
  • An easy way to use car cash allowance
  • An additional benefit to your current benefits program or employee benefit scheme
  • A reward as part of your employee perks