The benefits of leasing a hybrid car

Benefits of leasing a hybrid car

Whether you are looking for a smoother and quieter way of driving, or want a car that maximises fuel efficiency while minimising emissions – there is a long list of benefits to leasing a hybrid car.

A hybrid car uses two types of power – usually petrol and electric – to power the engine.

Reduced dependence on fuel 

A hybrid car requires less fuel to run which means less emissions and less dependence on petrol and diesel.

Why does this matter?

1. You will be spending less money on filling up your tank

2. You spend less time queuing at your local fuel station

3. Helping the environment

There is a Hybrid for everyone 

Hybrid power has now infiltrated almost every class of vehicle, from luxury SUVs to small hatchbacks. We have a fantastic range of Hybrid vehicles to suit everyone’s needs, whether you need a small run around for shopping and errands, a car with great boot space for your golf clubs or a practical vehicle to get your children from A to B.

Our current favourites are:

• Toyota C-HR
• Volkswagen Golf
• BMW i8
• Mitsubishi Outlander Kudo

Being a friend of the environment 

A hybrid car over a petrol or diesel runs cleaner and has better miles per gallon – this makes is more environmentally friendly. The twin powered engine cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy.

Less money spent on fuel for you, with the added bonus that it cuts unfriendly emissions to the environment.

iLease have a wealth of hybrid cars available to lease under their employee scheme. If you would like to benefit you and your employees with our free to join, no payroll cost employee benefit, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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