Best of British Built Cars

Best of British built cars by iLease

The British car manufacturing industry is big business for the economy and we currently have over 169,000 people employed in it. 2016 saw the highest production level for 17 years making us the 13th biggest manufacturer in the world and the 4th biggest in Europe.

We currently export to 160 countries worldwide and with 8 out of 10 cars built here being exported the world obviously embraces the quality that comes from a British built car.

We have picked two of our favourite British built cars; the Jaguar XE and the Range Rover Evoque.

Jaguar Land Rover currently produces 544,401 British built cars and we love the vehicles they produce from their range.

Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE is built in Castle Bromwich and Wolverhampton, and joins the popular XF and XJ in the current saloon range. Promoted as the most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon that Jaguar has ever produced, we can’t help but fall in love with this car’s assertive look and agile drive. It brings together all the latest Jaguar innovation, technology and design, plus it connects driver to car, and car to road.

Our favourite bit? 

Touch – Jaguar’s command centre with touch screen gives you the driver command over a wealth of features. Depending on the trim, you can also benefit from dual view allowing the driver and passenger to enjoy different media on the same ‘Touch’ screen.

Range Rover Evoque 

The Range Rover Evoque is built in Solihull and Halewood and over 96,000 were built in 2016 alone. This iconic compact SUV is a true Range Rover product. Available as a Coupe, Five-door and Convertible, the Evoque’s versatile design makes it a winner with a broad range of people. With the Touch command centre, premium interior, plus it’s functional and stylish space, whether you have holiday luggage or sports equipment, all models have plenty of room.

Our favourite bit? 

Accessories & Customisation – You can tailor the Evoque to your specific needs with a range of stylish, practical accessories that are tough, versatile and bring an opportunity for personalisation.

What are you waiting for? Why not consider a British built car for your iLease personal lease car.

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