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You can’t go a day without seeing an advertisement for a new car from many sources, including local car dealers, the car manufacturers themselves or online brokers. The promotions can leave you confused with not only what the best car for you will be but also what all the financial jargon means.

We have put together this guide to Personal Car Leasing to explain what iLease do and let you decide whether personal car leasing will be the best choice for your next new car.

What is personal car leasing?

Personal car leasing, also known as personal contract hire, is a finance product for individual consumers, basically if you would like to lease a car in your name then personal contract hire is for you. If you wanted to lease a car under a business name, you would need to look at business contract hire as an alternative.

What do I pay on personal leasing? 

Simply, you will:

• Choose your car

• You decide how many months you would like to lease the car for (this will affect the monthly cost)

• You can pay an upfront payment (although at iLease we offer many vehicles with no upfront payment) The number of payments you choose upfront can also affect your monthly payment

• You choose the mileage you would like on an annual basis (this will affect the monthly cost)

• You choose whether you would like the car to be maintained by us or yourself (choosing maintenance included will affect the monthly payment)

• There will always be a monthly payment you will need to pay for the duration of the contract

Why would a personal lease be right for me? 

A personal car lease works very much like a mobile phone contract – you have a contract period to lease the car in and make the same payment every month – no hidden surprises – just your lovely new car. Personal leasing is perfect for budgeting as you know exactly what you are paying every month.

If you don’t have a large deposit or don’t want to pay a big deposit at the start, then personal car leasing with iLease could be perfect for you as we have 1000s of offers with no deposit, you just make your regular monthly payments.

At the end of your contract you simply hand your car back, subject to mileage and condition, with no charge and are in a position to take on a new car on a new personal leasing contract.

Where do I find out more about personal car leasing?

iLease are experts in personal car leasing and we work with our partners to give you a quoting website where we have already compared the market for you.

We offer lots of different ways for you to search for your new car on a personal car lease including:

• Make/Model
• Monthly budget
• Deposit amount, including no deposit offers
• Contract length based on months
• Mileage per annum
• CO2 emissions
• Transmission
• Fuel Type
• Maintenance included deals
• Two year options

The friendly UK based iLease customer service team are here to guide you through taking out a new personal car leasing contract.

Contact the team: 

Via Online Chat 

Telephone 0330 0539 189 


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