Iconic movie cars: what is under the bonnet?

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Have you ever wanted to tear off the bodywork of your favourite gadget-filled, iconic movie cars to see how all that tech works and fits in there? Well, your prayers have been answered! We’ve created this awesome interactive breakdown of some of the coolest cars from cinema and TV – pick your favourite, then use the slider to reveal the innards!

Gadgets, Guns and Gizmos. Iconic Movie Cars

If necessity is the mother of invention, then Hollywood is the father. We all know it’s movies that invent the best stuff. Some of the greatest inventions never made are the stuff of science fiction fantasy, brought to life on the big screen (and the small screen too). When it comes to cars, Hollywood has cooked up some of the most head-turning, jaw-dropping four-wheeled creations ever.

Cars in movies have a long history, stealing the show whenever they’re on screen. Sometimes a plot device, sometimes as important as the main character – but not often veering far away from their original factory condition. But once every now and then, a car will come along, stuffed full of gadgets, that defines itself as a true icon of cinema.

The greatest and most memorable automotive creations tend to be those that do more than just look good on screen. Just look at the James Bond franchise, Batman and TV series like Knight Rider – whether pure fantasy or plausible technology, the most exciting cars are always the ones with rockets, machine guns, ejector seats – or the ones that travel through time.

So in homage to the silver screen’s greatest, we’ve built an anatomical exploration of iconic movie cars – an interactive way of rediscovering your favourite cars from film. Dive in and see what’s hidden inside!

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