The Rise of the SUV

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Why does the UK love the SUV so much?

If you find yourself looking up to the right and left of you in a queue of traffic, you are not alone. As it was intended, the SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle – is a sporty looking and practical vehicle. Room for the driver plus up to six passengers and in most case you are offered the option of two wheel (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD) the SUV really is a versatile choice.

2017 has seen the rise of the SUV and we have been researching why the UK has fallen in love with these vehicles.

Choice on the market

Simply put the car brands have gone crazy for SUVs. Nearly every brand you can think of now has at least one SUV in their range from the large traditional types to the smaller, more compact vehicles.

Improved affordability  

Gone are the days when you needed to take out another mortgage to be able to afford the fuel for running a SUV. As the popularity has increased, running costs have been reduced with more economical choices available on the market, including Electric Hybrids and Plugin Electric Hybrids.

Safe and secure in a SUV 

There is undoubtingly a feeling of better safety when you are in a SUV we are told. The taller seating with the raised driving position leaves many drivers feeling safe and secure.

Appealing alternative to the norm

Car buyers are not simply simply looking at hatchbacks, saloons and MPVs as they have always done. Buyers now have at least one SUV on their car shopping list, often more.

In Vogue

SUVs have become the fashion equivalent of the little black dress. Stylish, sexy, suits nearly all lifestyles and budgets plus there is an enormous number to choose from.

Luxurious driving 

There is just something about SUVs that screams luxury. Whether you choose the highest spec available on the market, from the outside there is a feeling of prestige even before you get into the driver’s seat. Want leather, sat van, parking sensors and privacy glass? You can have it all. However, if you want a simple car, you have the option of this choice too.

Sporty even when you are not sporty 

Whether your idea of sport is watching match of the day on a Saturday night or piling your bike, canoe, golf clubs and hiking boots into the boot – this car doesn’t judge you – you can be as sporty as you like.

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