Why choose iLease as a staff benefit for your organisation?

iLease is a revolutionary personal car leasing product available to employees of our partnering organisations

iLease is a fantastic free staff benefit and can offer organisations a number of advantages:

Available to all employees who hold a full UK driving licence

All employees who hold a full UK driving licence can benefit from the iLease personal leasing scheme, whether they currently:

  •  Do not receive any type of car benefit
  •  Receive a cash allowance for a car
  •  Already receive a company car but would like a second car for a spouse or family member

Assists Duty of Care

 iLease assists you the employer with your duty of care responsibilities for drivers travelling on business mileage by ensuring their vehicles are fit for purpose.

Reduced Financial Liability

All vehicles on the iLease scheme are in the name of the employee so all financial liability sits with them rather than you the employer.

Increase staff retention 

As an organisation, iLease allows you to offer an unrivalled staff benefit package, which is shown to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Provide a sense of pride for their employer
  • Increase morale
  • Reduce staff turnover

Attract the best people

Offering new employees something different as part of their benefits package, can help you stand out from the crowd and help recruit the best people into your organisation.

It is free to join 

 iLease is free to join and maintain as an organisation. Simply contact iLease for a no obligation consultation on the product and you and your organisation can be set up within 3 working days for free.

Complimentary Marketing Collateral

iLease can provide all the required marketing collateral required to communicate this staff benefit through your internal communications platform and staff memos. This will be maintained and updated monthly to keep the product fresh and current.

Vehicle choice

iLease work with 26 of the UK’s most popular manufacturers enabling us to offer an unrivalled number of choices of vehicles and help to ensure we have something to offer all your employees no matter what their requirements are.

Easy to use platform 

iLease continually work to offer the most flexible and user-friendly platform to ensure that your employees can login quickly and easily and find the right vehicle for them, as well as being able to change mileage, deposit and term length to give them payment profiles.

Special Discounts

iLease use their buying power to achieve high levels of discount with the car manufacturers which they then pass on to their partner organisations and their employees through reduced monthly rentals on personal contract hire agreements.