Case Study

Staffline Group move from salary sacrifice to iLease personal leasing

Background to Staffline Salary Sacrifice scheme

The HR Team at Staffline Group believed in offering their employees the best benefits package which included salary sacrifice for vehicle ownership. When the new changes to salary sacrifice were made 12 months ago, the HR team knew they needed to find an alternative solution.

When Tracey Elverstone, Head of HR at Staffline Group, visited the Employer Benefit Live exhibition in October 2016 and met with an  iLease Account Manager, she jumped on the iLease personal leasing product and chose to use iLease over salary sacrifice going forward.

Staffline Group – investing in employees

The Staffline Group was established in 1986 and over time has grown into a national organisation specialising in logistics, e-retail, manufacturing, driving, food processing and white collar recruitment.

Their vision to build and develop the most reliable integrated workforce in the country as well as to be the leading creator of opportunities, jobs and new ideas in the employability, skills and justice sectors. This has made finding the right combination of staff benefits of the upmost importance.

Employee car benefit strategy – iLease personal contract hire

“When the government implemented the legislation changes to salary sacrifice we knew this was no longer going to be the right benefit for our employees at Staffline Group.” Tracey Elverstone explained.

“Visiting the Employer Benefit Live exhibition in London gave us an opportunity to evaluate other vehicle benefits out in the market and we were blown away by the iLease product. Not only was it free of charge for our company to sign up to, but also enabled us to offer our 4,000 strong work force a revolutionary way to have a new vehicle of their choice, based on their mileage and contract term requirements at discounted rates.”

How iLease personal leasing works

iLease offers the Staffline work force an easy way to search for their next vehicle using their online quotation platform. All vehicles from iLease are exclusively available on Personal Contract Hire (PCH). Personal Contract Hire has gained popularity as it offers a genuine alternative to traditional bank loan borrowing and Personal Contract (PCP) agreements.

Personal Contract Hire works in the same way as regular contract hire; except that it applies exclusively for private individuals. Hirers obtain use of a new car for a contractual period and make fixed monthly payments to the finance provider for the duration of the contract.

When the contract expires they simply return the car to the finance provider and renew with a new car and contract. As a result they never have to concern themselves with the possible resale value of the car.

iLease use their buying power to achieve high levels of discount with the car manufacturers, and then pass this on to employees of their partner organisations through reduced monthly rentals. In some cases employees will benefit by achieving 45% discount from selected manufacturers.