What is iLease?

What you really need to about iLease

iLease is owned by CVM Group Limited, with over 22 years in the fleet management industry we believed we could create a better way to offer employees great deals on new cars, which did not rely on salary sacrifice to make them attractive.

We created iLease, a platform which aggregates and displays all the best personal leasing offers from a huge range of finance companies on over 26 manufacturers.

Employees can enter their requirements into the advanced search functionality and are presented with a list of the best offers, meeting their specifications, with the cheapest option at the top of the list. This has resulted in discounts of up to 45% on new cars for our customers.

Our clients don’t have to worry about affordability testing, the changes in rules around salary sacrifice, P11D reporting or what happens when an employee leaves the business, all of that is managed by us, and their employees get a better deal than if they purchased a car through most salary sacrifice schemes.

Since setting up iLease, we have also been able to work with our partners to offer other purchasing options on nearly new cars which have just been returned from short term leases. In these cases we have been able to save our customers thousands of pounds each year against what they would pay for the same car from a main dealer, with all the same manufacturer backed service and assurances.


We’ve done all the complicated bits, to enable you to be able to offer your employees a hugely valuable benefit without any of the expected complications and cost.